Blog | February 15, 2017
Illinois Chamber Helps Secure Transportation Funds through Breakthrough ‘Lockbox’ Initiative

With a population of more than 12.8 million people and an immense web of railways, vehicle traffic, waterways and air travel in Illinois, transportation infrastructure and funding have become an important focus for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce – but, perhaps, none more important than the bold undertaking it helped

Blog | January 21, 2017
Putting Transportation First in 2017

Considering there are issues that are highly polarizing in our country, the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition is pleased that businesses, local and state governments, the public, and Congress have shown an interest in improving America’s multimodal transportation system. Andrew Brady, senior director of government affairs for the American

Blog | December 13, 2016
Video: November Elections Show Americans Support Investment in Public Transit

When Americans voted in November, they didn’t just vote for a President and members of Congress. There were also 34 successful ballot initiatives across the country to increase investment in public transit, which indicates Americans understand the need for more funding to make our nation’s transportation network better.

Blog | November 14, 2016
Voters Show Strong Support for Public Transportation as 69 Percent of Transit Measures Pass on Nov. 8

Transit News — American Public Transportation Association — November 8, 2016 was an historic day for public transportation in the United States as voters approved 34 of 49 local and statewide public transit measures for a current Election Day passage rate of 69 percent based on unofficial election results. One

Blog | November 04, 2016
Guest on The Infra Blog: Ed Mortimer, Executive Director of Transportation Infrastructure, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Infrastructure USA — By Steve Anderson — November 3rd, 2016 — Ed Mortimer is executive director of Transportation Infrastructure at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In this role, Mortimer oversees the development and implementation of the Chamber’s transportation and infrastructure policy and represents the Chamber on Capitol Hill as well

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