Transportation: It's YOUR Business

Why It's Time to Invest in America

Click on your state to learn how our 20th century transportation system is killing your 21st century economy and quality of life.

Your car rattles across bumps and potholes, school buses and trucks are diverted away from failing bridges, and counties are letting once-paved roads go to gravel. On our coasts and in our cities your commute crawls and weekend errands take forever.  Trucks on delivery and technicians providing services make fewer trips every day and commuters spend more time away from their families. Overall, roads in disrepair and unmet public transportation needs cost Americans $115 billion each year in lost time and fuel.  Across the country, crashes and accidents hurt your kids, family, friends and colleagues and cost even more: $162.4 billion each year.

Transportation planning and investment is a core federal responsibility.  Unfortunately, Congress seems to have forgotten. It's time Congress face its constitutional responsibilities and deliver on the transportation investments and oversight the nation deserves.

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How can our economy grow and create jobs when our system is broken?

A failing System
Crumbling Around Us
Costing us Millions