Americans for Transportation Mobility Coalition Statement on President Obama’s and Chairman Camp’s Acknowledgements of HTF Problem

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition today issued the following statement:

“The ATM Coalition appreciates that President Obama and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp recognize that maintaining federal spending on roads, bridges, and public transportation projects is critical to the nation’s economy. We are also pleased that they both acknowledged the necessity of identifying revenues for the Highway Trust Fund to address its impending insolvency. However, the crisis facing the Highway Trust Fund necessitates action before either of the proposals is likely to be acted upon. Congress must provide the needed additional revenue before this August.

“The Highway Trust Fund will run short of money late this summer or early autumn, and without a fix, construction on thousands of road, bridge, and transit projects across the nation could be halted. This would put thousands of Americans out of work and will end up adding significantly to the cost of these projects. This uncertainty could destabilize nascent economic recovery in many states at a time when unemployment rates remain persistently high, particularly in sectors such as construction.

“Additionally, while the Highway Trust Fund’s immediate funding shortfall is the most pressing crisis, the importance of permanently addressing its long-term revenue deficiency can’t be underestimated. We need dedicated, user-related revenue streams that are stable, predictable, and growing for a robust, long-term highway and transit bill that will improve American competitiveness and contribute meaningfully to its economic growth.

“The ATM Coalition calls on Congress to ensure the Highway Trust Fund can not only meet its immediate obligations, but can be relied upon as a stable federal highway and transit funding source for years to come.”

The Americans for Transportation Mobility Coalition is a nationwide group representing business, labor, highway, and public transportation interests and concerned citizens that advocate for improved and increased investment in the nation’s aging and overburdened highway and public transportation system.

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