Americans for Transportation Mobility Launches Highway Trust Fund Campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As lawmakers head back to their districts before the midterm elections, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-led Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) coalition today launched a regionally focused, multi-platform ad campaign urging Congress to develop a long-term solution to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). The print, digital, and high-impact ad buys will appear in 33 Congressional Districts across 10 media markets throughout the country.

“Congress passed legislation in late July that will keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent until May of next year, but America needs—and deserves—better,” ATM Vice President Janet Kavinoky said. “Without a bipartisan, sustainable, and long-term solution, we are jeopardizing the roads, bridges, and public transit systems that have helped this country grow and prosper. And we are preventing future generations from enjoying the same advancement and mobility.”

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