ATM Coalition Releases New Congressional, Consumer Resources on America’s Transportation Crisis

Washington, DC — May 20, 2015 — As Congress appears set to pass yet another short-term extension to keep the Highway Trust Fund barely afloat through mid-summer, the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition has released a set of resources to ensure the facts are front and center throughout Congressional deliberations.

The educational brochure Americans Deserve a Faster, Better, Safer Transportation Network and companion infographic have been shared with every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate and are now available for consumers Across America.

Transportation infrastructure policy and funding affects every American, every business, and every community in this nation. Janet Kavinoky, ATM Coalition vice president and executive director of  Transportation & Infrastructure at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said Congress has a responsibility to reauthorize Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) – the federal law that sets policy and authorizes states and local governments to spend money out of the federal Highway Trust Fund – and in doing so, improve accountability, reform federal policy, and provide sustainable, predictable, long-term revenue for the Highway Trust Fund.

“Failure to do so will come at a high price for the workers and businesses who design, build, and maintain infrastructure: design and engineering firms, construction companies, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and materials providers,” said Kavinoky. “It will also exact a toll on the economy as a whole by delaying or canceling important projects that could improve safety, relieve congestion, support supply chains, and get employees to and from work, school, and recreation.”

The educational pieces provide facts and perspective on topics such as MAP-21 reauthorization, transportation and the U.S. economy, the Highway Trust Fund crisis and how it affects American consumers and businesses and the importance of the federal role in transportation. It also provides good answers to tough questions on transportation infrastructure.

Click the following links to access the brochure and supporting infographic:

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