Greater Fairbanks Chamber to Congress: Restore Federal Highway Trust Fund

May 11, 2015 (Fairbanks, Alaska) – The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce issued a letter to members of Congress, urging them to implement infrastructure funding mechanisms to bring highways, bridges and transit systems up to date so businesses and citizens can rely on America’s transportation networks for every aspect of professional and personal life in the years ahead.

Excerpts from the letter (found here), signed by Executive Director and Lisa Herbert and Board of Directors Chair Jennifer Imus include:

“The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce joins with other business groups from across the country in expressing concern about the state of our nation’s roads, bridges and transit systems.”

“Continued federal investments in our nation’s infrastructure are important to address growing system deficiencies and ongoing preventive maintenance to keep our country and our states moving forward.”

“Congress has long delayed the passage of a long-term, fully-funded highway transportation bill. Action should be taken now to pass a full and long term funding package that is needed to restore our seriously outdated network of highways, bridges and transit systems. At a minimum, the bill must match current federal funding levels for roads, bridges, public transportation and highway safety. At least $91 billion is needed over the next six years to maintain those funding levels, which does not address the backlog of maintenance and construction needed for deferred repairs and to spur economic growth.”

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