Golfers love the Swilcan, above. Photo by Bill Bachmann

St. Andrews’ Beloved Bridge vs. America’s Beleaguered Bridges

(Originally published on the U.S. Chamber website)

Many of the world’s best golfers will this weekend walk across the sport’s most famous landmark, the Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews in Scotland. Once again playing host to the British Open, St. Andrews is among the oldest and most famous golf courses in the world, and the small stone span on its 18th fairway has become an iconic symbol of its long and storied history.

In keeping with tradition, don’t be surprised if you see some of the world’s elite stop to take a photo on the roughly 700-year-old bridge. In fact, some of the sport’s most memorable images, featuring greats like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, were snapped on the Swilcan.

Back here in the states, Americans sometimes pause to take their own bridge-crossing photos. However, their pictures tend to capture decidedly less happy moments. I think you’ll see what we mean by comparing these timeless Swilcan shots to some recent Instagram photos. Click here to read more…

Conclusion:  Without a long-term funding plan, you can expect to see even more #bridgetraffic and #bridgefail pictures in your social media feeds as our nation’s infrastructure falls deeper into disrepair.

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