Near-Failing Grade for America’s Transit System is Another Sign We Need Infrastructure Investment Now

It’s clear that America has major infrastructure and transportation problems that our leaders are not adequately funding or fixing.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) – which earlier this year released its much-anticipated and latest Infrastructure Report Card – gave the country’s infrastructure a D+ and the nation’s transit system received the lowest grade, a D-.

This is important because the America Public Transportation Association (APTA) has found that public transit ridership has increased by 34% since 1995 and reported this year that the study “Who Rides Public Transportation” shows that “87% of public transit trips directly impact the economy, either connecting people to employers needing workers or to retail and entertainment venues.”

Thomas Smith, ASCE’s executive director, discusses what factors led to the grade and why it’s crucial to focus on transit as we hear stories from all over the country about how insufficient transportation funding impacts communities, businesses, and the quality of life Americans deserve.

ASCE and APTA are members of the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition.

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