U.S. Chamber & ATM Exec Says Leaders Should Not Delay Investment in Infrastructure

Better infrastructure and a faster and safer transportation system are bipartisan issues that businesses, towns and cities, and the public are rallying behind. And the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition is imploring our federally elected officials to do something now to address our deteriorating infrastructure.

In our new video, Ed Mortimer points out that if we want to keep our country moving forward, infrastructure must be a quality-of-life, economic, community and legislative priority. Mortimer is executive director of both the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition and transportation infrastructure at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

ATM is a voice for the public and business and labor entities. It advocates increased and sustainable infrastructure funding at the federal, state and local levels of government, and private-sector involvement, to ensure America’s safety and connectivity.

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