The Recharged Infrastructure Debate Needs to Focus on the Importance of Our National System

In this video, Build Indiana Council (BIC) Executive Director Vicki Kitchin sheds light on what Congress needs to consider in the wake of elected leaders’ many promises to improve our nation’s infrastructure and funding streams.

“It’s our turn now,” Kitchin reminds in referring to the all-important task at hand to upgrade, repair and maintain the United States’ transportation network.

BIC was established in 1987 as a coalition representing the transportation construction industry. It represents more than 500 companies statewide and is a sign of the importance of regional outreach and historical context in the dialogue regarding better U.S. infrastructure.

Today, America’s population is over 325,978,888. However, infrastructure investment — including in our national roads, bridges, airports, locks and dams, and transit systems — has fallen despite our needs and nation continuing to grow.

The United States Census Bureau shows that the population was 150,697,361 in 1950 — the start of the decade during which the Interstate Highway System was authorized through the Federal-Aid Highway Act.

BIC’s membership includes state associations that are part of the membership of numerous ATM members.

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