As Trump Touts Infrastructure, Trucking Association Exec Points to Gas-Tax Increase as Paramount

President Trump reinforced in this year’s State of the Union address the importance of modernizing America’s infrastructure and moving projects and permitting along.

His address followed a media blitz last week by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) for its Build America Fund initiative and a push to educate policymakers about the pivotal need for raising the federal gas tax – which has remained stagnant for nearly a quarter of a century.

The ATA is the leading voice for trucking, which is the top job in 29 states, employing 7.4 million men and women. These workers have a front-row seat into understanding how critical increased and ongoing funding is to rebuild the country’s tired transportation system.

The multi-pronged plan, among other things, calls for raising the gas tax by 20 cents over four years. This will result in the trucking industry investing upwards of an additional $112 billion into our nation’s roads and bridges over the next decade. ATA estimates the Build America Fund will generate $340 billion in new revenue.

The Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition spoke with ATA President and CEO Chris Spear about the state of our nation’s transportation system and the significance of the user fee being at the center of developing bipartisan solutions to move the infrastructure dialogue from talk to legislation.

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