The Need for Investment in American Infrastructure Gets a Close-Up in Louisiana

President Trump campaigned on it. Members of Congress say it is a worsening problem. Millions of Americans say it must be a priority.

And George Swift, President and CEO of the SWLA Economic Development Alliance, now practically lives and breathes it as he works to raise attention about the need to replace the I-10 bridge, over the Calcasieu River, at the city of Lake Charles in Louisiana.

So what is it Swift and others are concerned about? It is the infrastructure — the channels, lines, tracks, cement, connectors, asphalt and steel — that makes the U.S. economy tick and impacts Americans’ quality of life.

Swift recognizes the need for policymakers to shore up federal investment for infrastructure, and for Louisiana legislators to do the right thing and increase the state’s gas tax (as dozens of other states have) to carve out more money for transportation.

Swift shares in this new Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition podcast the frustration of area residents and their desire to have a better interstate bridge over the Calcasieu River.

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