Road Builders Association CEO Explains How He Approaches Policymakers on the Hill

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) and its President & CEO Pete Ruane are not letting their feet off the gas in framing why the U.S. transportation system must be a policy priority.

ARTBA is an infrastructure-advocacy heavyweight. It is a proponent for forward-looking legislation that will help establish long-term transportation funding as well as buttress the almost-depleted Highway Trust Fund.

Ruane — with 40 years of experience in the transportation, economic development, construction and national defense fields, a doctorate from The George Washington University, and numerous distinctive awards — is the organization’s adrenalized, tireless and maverick leader in D.C. circles.

Ruane’s background as a former officer in the U.S. Marine Corps also serves him as he fights the daily battle for increased transportation revenue and better infrastructure.

In this podcast from the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition, Ruane discusses what he sees as diversionary tactics in the transportation funding policy dialogue that can obfuscate the historic federal role.

Growing out of Michigan public official Horatio Earle’s vision of a federally connected nation, ARTBA was established 116 years ago. Today, its work includes advocacy and policy development at the federal and state levels, economic reports and analysis, a safety certification program and training, events and webinars, a database on bridge conditions, and information about grassroots and transportation-investment campaigns.

Ruane’s insight proves that while America’s transportation problems continue to domino, the country awaits needed new funding and financing legislation that arguably is as important as our democratic principles.

ARTBA is a founding member of ATM.

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