Aggregates Exec Michael Johnson Says Shuster Draft Discussion Can Open Up Infrastructure Talks

National Stone Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) President and CEO Michael Johnson said he welcomes House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster’s (R-PA) discussion draft of a legislative proposal to modernize America’s transportation system.

Johnson spoke last week with the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition on the heels of Shuster’s announcement and for our newest podcast. Johnson serves as the lead advocate for the aggregates industry, which employs approximately 100,000 highly skilled men and women, on objectives such as advancing public policy the organization supports, member advocacy, and growing the scope and influence of NSSGA.

He called it “admirable” when someone in Congress takes a leadership position, and puts his or her political credibility on the line, to create federal solutions that can effectively address the nation’s infrastructure and funding needs.

Transportation stakeholders are hopeful that the discussion draft will reignite the national policy conversation about how America generates sustainable transportation funding and Congress marshals a new and solid infrastructure bill. Shuster carved out action items such as increasing the fuel tax, ensuring the Highway Trust Fund’s solvency, creating a new blue-ribbon commission, addressing water infrastructure, and extending the FAST Act.

NSSGA members — stone, sand and gravel producers and the equipment manufacturers and service providers who support this sector  — are responsible for the essential raw materials found in every home, building, road, bridge and public-works project in America.

NSSGA is a member of ATM.

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