The Government May Shut Down, But Americans Won’t

Here are two numbers the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition wants you to be aware of in 2019 — 46,876 and 3. Although there’s a vast difference between the figures, they are linked.

The first number is the nation’s Interstate Highway System in miles. The second is the ranking given by members of the public to the importance of increasing spending on the nation’s infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and airports.

Several years ago, The Road Information Program (TRIP) reported that congestion was increasing on the nation’s federal highways as travel increased faster than new capacity was being added. And a poll last month by POLITICO and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health showed better infrastructure was a top-three priority of the public for the new Congress, despite the many issues our country faces.

Taken together, they mean this: infrastructure and transportation are the foundations on which America’s successes are built and Americans deserve better than the status quo.

This is why the ATM is asking you to do a few easy things: sign our petition; follow us on Facebook and Twitter; and, share the message with your family, friends and colleagues that America’s infrastructure and transportation framework need modernization now.

In line with this push, the ATM recently overhauled its website,, to make it more relevant and seamless, whether it is accessed from a smartphone or a desktop computer. It also highlights the great work ATM members do, is visually engaging and navigationally intuitive, and helps us achieve our grassroots outreach goals.

Telling America’s transportation story is important to the business and labor sectors, but the ATM knows it is also crucial to all Americans. If you would like to share with us some of the transportation challenges in your communities, please email us at with your contact information and details so we can follow up.

Our fresher website, news from you, and sharing our petition help us remind Congress and President Trump that rebuilding our infrastructure and reopening the federal government must lead their to-do lists.

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