Delaying the Rebuilding of Our Infrastructure Impacts American Progress

Investing in America’s aging transportation infrastructure is a perennial concern. The public, labor sector, and business community are all affected by traffic congestion, safety concerns, regional problems, and worn roads and bridges.

But behind the scenes of these discussions are the men, women, products, and materials that move our economy onward to assure us the mobility and quality of life we may sometimes take for granted.

One of the essential voices of the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition is the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). NAPA’s many efforts include advocating for a sustainable revenue source for the Highway Trust Fund, increasing funding levels that meet the needs of the highway transportation system, and implementing and deploying cutting-edge innovative technologies that extend the life of pavements, reduce cost and improve safety.

In this most recent ATM video, Audrey Copeland, NAPA President & CEO, and Ashley Batson, Executive Director, South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association, discuss why infrastructure investment must be a priority for our elected leaders and why Congress must act sooner rather than later.

The 64-year-old association is the only trade group that exclusively represents the interests of the asphalt pavement material producer and paving contractor on the national level with Congress, government agencies, and other national trade and business organizations. It has over 1,200 member companies.

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