Kentucky Harnesses the Voices of Grassroots Proponents to Push for Federal Infrastructure Legislation

Listen to the 30-second podcast

The Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Inc. (KAHC) is focused on local awareness-building and national outreach to help convey that states, in addition to regional financing and private interests, require federal funding to help maintain and modernize the United States’ infrastructure.

M. Chad LaRue is a licensed professional engineer and Executive Director of KAHC. He spoke with the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition about the infrastructure needs in his state along with ongoing efforts to get the Kentucky Legislature to increase the state’s transportation investments by boosting revenue streams for this southeastern logistic hub’s transportation network.

One of ATM’s goals is to hear from transportation advocates and vanguards, throughout America, about the challenges their regions face.

Repairs in Kentucky for 1,000 bridges and improvements to 5,000 miles of pavement have been prioritized. Yet because of mounting infrastructure demands, industry leaders such as LaRue regularly see the need for new federal investment, as he shares in this podcast.

Better infrastructure keeps states like Kentucky moving forward. A national vision regarding improving infrastructure will help ensure that America does not fall behind in economic growth, regional connectivity, safety and security, multimodal capacity, and global competitiveness.

Please consider signing and sharing our petition that asks Congress and President Trump to support new federal infrastructure investment before the Highway Trust Fund hits empty.


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