Podcasts Reinforce That All Americans & Economy Will Benefit From Federal Infrastructure Investment

Before COVID-19 claimed the nation’s attention, there was already an issue swirling — a lack of a transformative federal infrastructure-investment vision — that is now taking on increasing importance.

Recently, Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition Executive Director Ed Mortimer was a guest on two podcasts that reflect an expanding dialogue about transportation infrastructure needing to be maintained, modernized and prioritized through bipartisan action that can also recharge America’s economy.

The first interview was July 21 on “America’s Work Force Radio Podcast” with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc, an effort that is sponsored by the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), a founding member of ATM. The second was on July 29 with host Jeff Urbanchuk for “Engineering Influence.” The podcast is produced by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), which is also a prominent ATM member. Urbanchuk is Vice President of Communications and Marketing at ACEC.

ATM is managed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where Mortimer serves as Vice President of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Chamber unveiled a social-media countdown campaign focused on the last federal infrastructure investment reauthorization ending Sept. 30, and the urgency of new investment to rebuild America.

The nation currently faces not only the long-standing obligation for federal infrastructure legislation to devise income and appropriate budgets and spending, but other challenges too. They include addressing state and local governments affected by a loss of transportation user-fee revenue and an economy and systems that require both recovery and stimulus legislation. Infrastructure-investment advocates are communicating that there is a link between federal investment and projects getting done and jobs being created.

“Infrastructure is an asset that benefits every single American for many years. So making these investments now will leave not just our generation, but future generations, the ability to be successful in a global economy,” Mortimer said in the first podcast.

In the second, he reminded: “At the end of the day, we have to hold our lawmakers accountable because they should work together to do the people’s business. And, in our view, infrastructure is a core responsibility of the federal government” because of the Constitutional mandates of interstate commerce and national defense.

Both interviews explored a continuum of topics but centered on how and why Congress needs to enact a substantial and sustainable federal infrastructure bill. However, they also posed why the issue of infrastructure investment, which historically was not partisan, now is.

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