ATM Focus About Need for New I-10 Bridge Comes Full Circle with Biden Louisiana Visit

Listen to the 50-second soundbite

Investing in infrastructure has become a surging American issue in need of a bipartisan solution. As part of the continuing conversation, President Biden will be going Thursday to the I-10 bridge in the city of Lake Charles, La.

The Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition has previously reported on this bridge. Sustainable federal funding for modernizing surface transportation is a growing priority in the United States. And one of those concerns is this nearly 70-year-old span over the Calcasieu River.

Biden will be in Louisiana to pitch his massive infrastructure blueprint. Building new infrastructure is an anchor of the Biden Administration’s goals as it embarks on what some see as a modern-day renaissance and others as a notable policy sea change. But either perspective does not alter that, this week, improving the country’s infrastructure and the call for replacing the I-10 bridge will ring louder and wider.

George Swift, President and CEO of the SWLA Economic Development Alliance, has worked unflinchingly for years on drawing local and national attention to this commerce and public mobility route. Here is a soundbite from a 2018 Swift interview — conducted by ATM — about why the bridge needs crucial federal investment. (The state has committed some funding and federal relief dollars were recently provided, according to news outlet KPLC.)

ATM helps tell America’s transportation story by advocating long-term and sufficient revenue generators for rebuilding, maintaining, adding capacity and integrating new technologies for the nation’s roads, public transit and bridges.

Read ATM’s in-depth story from April 2018 about the effort to replace the I-10 bridge.


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