Blog | December 07, 2018
Infrastructure is Critical to Nation’s Success, Says Aggregates Association CEO

Michael Johnson has a long and influential career in the trade association

Blog | November 26, 2018
Cement Producers CEO to Elected Leaders: Stop Dilly-Dallying on Infrastructure

The drumbeat for action by elected leaders to increase investment in the

Blog | October 17, 2018
Crumbling Bridges in Mississippi: How Declining Infrastructure Has Rippling Effects

Part One of a Two-Part Series Aging bridges in Mississippi prove how

Blog | October 01, 2018
ATM & AGC Turn Up the Volume in Latest Video About Infrastructure

America’s once-world-leading transportation system of roads and bridges was built 70 years

Blog | September 16, 2018
Equipment Manufacturers Govt Affairs Pro Brings Infrastructure Message to Radio

Kip Eideberg, VP of Public Affairs & Advocacy for the Association of

Blog | August 03, 2018
Aggregates Exec Michael Johnson Says Shuster Draft Discussion Can Open Up Infrastructure Talks

National Stone Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) President and CEO Michael Johnson

Blog | July 30, 2018
Ed Talks: America’s Infrastructure Gets the Howard Stern Treatment

A friend of mine was commuting home last week when he heard

Blog | July 12, 2018
Ed Talks: More Voices Weighing in on Infrastructure Funding Crisis

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the National Asphalt Pavement