A letter to the editor

Most letters to the editor are written in reference to an article recently run by the newspaper. We recommend looking for articles that refer to local or regional transportation projects that are/will be supported in part by federal dollars or articles discussing funding issues for local or regional transportation investments.


To the Editor:

Your recent article, [INSERT TITLE], missed the mark/gets to the heart of why Washington needs to move a transportation bill this spring. [INSERT SPECIFIC ARGUMENT IN RELATION TO ARTICLE].

Addressing our transportation challenges is critical to economic growth and output. Clarity out of Washington on this front will immediately reinvigorate the ailing construction sector and create jobs in the near term. In the long term, a bill will get the United States on the road to growth by ensuring our transportation networks can competitively move exports and help seed local and regional economic development.

The federal government currently provides roughly half of highway and public transportation investments around the country. We need to maintain and grow these investments and rework federal policies so money is going to critical projects like [INSERT KEY LOCAL/REGIONAL PROJECT REFERENCE].

For months, leaders in Washington – both Republicans and Democrats – have repeatedly stated that a surface transportation bill is an important item for the jobs agenda. Senator/Congressman [INSERT NAME] has long been a leader on these issues. It’s time the rest of Congress join him/her, follow words with action, and make transportation job number one by sending this bill to the President.