Our Platform

The Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition works with businesses, labor, regions and organizations throughout the country, as well as members of Congress and their staffs and the Administration, to advocate and communicate the United States’ pressing infrastructure and transportation needs. Among its efforts, ATM helps define the critical role of federal funding and financing policies, and the importance of local and state involvement.

Its initiatives include networking, lobbying, grassroots education and mobilization, and policy outreach.

Historically, America’s transportation system has been funded through the Highway Trust Fund via a gas tax; however, the gas tax has not been raised since 1993 and funding levels have not been consistent or kept pace with the need for new projects, repairs and upgrades. This has led to a declining network and a funding gap that continues to affect Americans.

With the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Congress and President Biden sought to bring long-term solutions to the table.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), in its America’s Infrastructure Report Card 2021, showed a funding gap of $1.2 trillion for surface transportation. That number is for cumulative investment needs by system based on current trends, extended to 2029. Based on preliminary findings, figures show that if industry costs are passed onto customers, costs per household could be as high as $12,500 over 20 years or $625 dollars per year.

Because of issues such as these, ATM works on an ongoing basis to promote that the nation’s transportation system needs to be faster, better and safer, and that long-term funding and viable financing alternatives must be the hallmark of the United States’ commitment to better infrastructure. This means not only funding on the local, state and federal levels, but also encouraging private-sector investment to help improve the national transportation system.

We invite you to join the ATM in its efforts to ensure a growing, multimodal, modern and well-functioning U.S. transportation network.

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