Sample Letter to Congress

Dear Senator/Representative [INSERT NAME]:

I strongly encourage you to work with your colleagues in the House and Senate to pass a multi-year reauthorization of highway, public transportation and safety programs that reforms the federal programs and, at a minimum, maintain existing levels of investment before the current law expires on May 31, 2015.

To grow, the United States must invest. There are few federal efforts that rival the potential of critical transportation infrastructure investments for sustaining and creating jobs and economic activity over the short term.

Resources to maintain investment will prevent drastic cuts in highways and public transportation. Without resources to sustain these investments, in the near-term, cuts would have a cascading effect on those whose business is building: engineering firms, construction companies, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and materials providers. In the long-term, such massive federal cuts would have undercut the business community, which relies on transportation infrastructure to support its supply chains and get employees to and from the work place and will have an significant negative impact on Americans’ way of life.

We recognize there are challenges in finding the resources necessary to adequately fund such a measure. However, with the economic opportunities that a well-crafted measure could afford and emerging political consensus for advancing such an effort, we believe it is time for all involved parties to come together and craft a final product.

Political leaders—Republican and Democrat, House, Senate and the Administration— have all stated a multi-year surface transportation bill is important for job creation and economic recovery. We urge you to follow words with action and move legislation immediately in the House and Senate to invest in the roads, bridges, transit systems that are the backbone of the U.S. economy, its businesses large and small, and communities of all sizes.