Oct 16th, 2019
Michigan Chamber Exec Says Scarcity of State & Federal Infrastructure Funding Stalls Long-term Improvements

Listen to the 3-minute podcast -- Reports indicate Michigan continues to enjoy a slow and steady economic rebound. However, the state is still shouldering a huge weight: a deteriorating transportation network that elected state leaders cannot agree on how to fund and revive.

Oct 2nd, 2019
While Americans Wait for Federal Action on Infrastructure, Communities Are Speaking Out About Transportation Setbacks

WATCH our video -- Gallup senior scientist Frank Newport, Ph.D., wrote that “every bit of polling evidence I have reviewed shows that Americans are extremely supportive of new government infrastructure legislation.”

Sep 12th, 2019
Michigan to State and Federal Leaders: Take the Wheel and Increase Infrastructure Funding

Part Two of a Two-Part Series -- Frustration from citizens, business executives, the labor sector and local officials is mounting as states, such as Michigan, face major revenue shortfalls to modernize America’s once-unequalled transportation infrastructure.

Sep 2nd, 2019
Federal Grant for Michigan’s Mound Road Shows Drivers Not Living Their Best Lives on State’s Failing Infrastructure

Part One of a Two-Part Series -- If incontrovertible evidence is needed that America’s transportation infrastructure is decaying, one need look no farther than Michigan, a destination state in the Great Lakes region whose success is also rooted in manufacturing and agribusiness.

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