Jan 14th, 2020
TRIP’s Rocky Moretti Speaks with ATM About the Country’s Slumping Transportation Infrastructure

Listen to the 7-minute podcast -- In February 2018, the White House released President Donald J. Trump’s infrastructure principles and initiative with this quote from the president: “We will build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways, and waterways all across our land. ...

Jan 4th, 2020
Insufficient Infrastructure Funding Impacts U.S. Mobility and Companies Such as UPS

Part Two of a Two-Part Series -- “If every UPS vehicle is five minutes late due to congestion per day, it costs the company $114 million annually,” says Tom Jensen, Vice President of Transportation Policy at UPS.

Dec 29th, 2019
UPS ‘Feeder Drivers’ Make Holidays Possible But Clogged American Infrastructure Creates Ongoing Problems

Part One of a Two-Part Series -- When Americans celebrated the holidays, many of their homes and businesses were filled with gifts, paper goods, food and gadgets delivered by an extensive UPS fleet negotiating the nation’s weathered transportation network.

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