American Public Transportation Association

Blog | January 21, 2017
Putting Transportation First in 2017

Considering there are issues that are highly polarizing in our country, the Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM) Coalition is pleased that businesses, local and state governments, the public, and Congress have shown an interest in improving America’s multimodal transportation system. Andrew Brady, senior director of government affairs for the American

Blog | March 18, 2018
Policy Proposal Does Not Adequately Strengthen Public Transportation Funding

Tens of millions of people rely on public transportation daily, which helps propel our economy and ensure a good quality of life for all Americans. But the White House’s recent infrastructure plan proposes reductions in public transportation funding. This kind of blueprint for the 2019 fiscal budget would impact Amtrak,

Blog | December 09, 2019
Miami-Dade SMART Plan Brings into Focus BRT Vision & How Regions are Tackling Transit

Part Two of a Two-Part Series -- The compelling thing about the United States’ transportation system is that, to some degree, you can examine its history and development on a continuum or a loop.