Photo courtesy of AGC of America

Brian Turmail

Blog | March 11, 2017
Trump’s Transportation Promise Could Mean More Jobs in America

As President Trump and the new Congress consider a needed $1 trillion investment in infrastructure, the dialogue must include insight into what this means to communities throughout our nation.

Blog | October 01, 2018
ATM & AGC Turn Up the Volume in Latest Video About Infrastructure

America’s once-world-leading transportation system of roads and bridges was built 70 years ago, but designed to last around 50, Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Vice President of Public Affairs & Strategic Initiatives Brian Turmail pointed out in a recent radio interview on the nationally syndicated Josh Tolley Show. Turmail’s interview was part

Blog | April 28, 2020
AGC Changes Up Member Outreach & Also Organizes Nationwide Stand Down to Highlight Safety Measures

Scientists and economists have long observed that intelligence requires the ability to respond to change. This could not be more evident for leaders, businesses and industry groups than it is today.