Ed Mortimer

Blog | July 12, 2018
Ed Talks: More Voices Weighing in on Infrastructure Funding Crisis

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) Midyear Meeting in the city made famous by The Freedom Trail, baked beans, marathons, New England seafood and one of the most beloved baseball stadiums. While there, I was able to tour Fenway Park and it

Blog | July 30, 2018
Ed Talks: America’s Infrastructure Gets the Howard Stern Treatment

A friend of mine was commuting home last week when he heard The Howard Stern Show play a clip of me speaking about the poor condition of U.S. roads. It was an irrefutable sign that fixing and modernizing the nation’s transportation network are no longer just inside-the-Beltway issues. They are

Blog | January 06, 2019
Ed Talks: Ask Congress to Fix America’s Infrastructure

Sign our Petition I have been advocating for American infrastructure for more than 20 years. Throughout 2018, I travelled to many parts of the country to speak with business leaders about infrastructure and transportation. I also saw firsthand some of the real transportation problems communities are facing, and appreciated the comments

Blog | May 06, 2019
Ed Talks: We Need New Federal Investment to Make America’s Infrastructure Great Again

The transportation network of the United States is a remarkable system that connects the nearly 3.8 million square miles of America regionally, over land and water, and from corner to corner. Infrastructure is the underpinning of every aspect of our lives. Without it, merchandise could not leave or come into

Blog | October 02, 2019
While Americans Wait for Federal Action on Infrastructure, Communities Are Speaking Out About Transportation Setbacks

WATCH our video -- Gallup senior scientist Frank Newport, Ph.D., wrote that “every bit of polling evidence I have reviewed shows that Americans are extremely supportive of new government infrastructure legislation.”