Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors

Blog | March 25, 2019
Kentucky’s Transportation Network Shows How Old Bridges, Maintenance Backlogs & Lack of New Federal Funding Hurt U.S. Communities

Part One of a Two-Part Series -- Kentucky is a logistics hub, southeastern connector and destination commonwealth for people and commerce. Its business community, industry leaders and elected officials have spurred a regional policy dialogue about transportation in light of growing investment needs and aging infrastructure.

Blog | April 24, 2019
Kentucky is Driving Home the Message that Failing Infrastructure Cannot Be America’s Legacy

Part Two of a Two-Part Series -- The Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is a world unto itself. Massive efforts toward successful federal legislation have flowed through this part of the nation since Congress formed 230 years ago.

Blog | June 05, 2019
Kentucky Harnesses the Voices of Grassroots Proponents to Push for Federal Infrastructure Legislation

Listen to the 30-second podcast -- The Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Inc. (KAHC) is focused on local awareness-building and national outreach to help convey that states, in addition to regional financing and private interests, require federal funding to help maintain and modernize the United States’ infrastructure.