A crew with Lehman-Roberts Company works on Highway 278 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. The project received federal funds, and highlights that transportation improvements are a shared responsibility in America. (Photo courtesy of Roger Hickam)

Mike Pepper

Blog | October 17, 2018
Crumbling Bridges in Mississippi: How Declining Infrastructure Has Rippling Effects

Part One of a Two-Part Series -- Aging bridges in Mississippi prove how much infrastructure is a bread-and-butter issue. More than half of the population lives in rural areas, and the state is among the poorest in the nation, having received between $2 and $3 for every dollar it sends to the federal government.

Blog | July 21, 2020
States’ Transportation Revenues Hit By COVID-19: Mississippi Asphalt Company Says Long-Term Federal Funding A Must

Federal leaders are discussing and wrangling over federal infrastructure investment. But in places such as Mississippi, a lack of sustainable funding directly impacts businesses and communities facing ongoing transportation challenges.