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Faster Commutes: It’s Time to Break Free

Time spent in traffic or waiting for buses or trains is time stolen from families and friends.

Better Solutions: Insist That Congress Finishes the Job

You weren’t raised to do a job halfway. We need a long-term solution, not just a short-term fix.

Safer Travel: Saving Lives, Saving Money

Better transportation systems mean safer transportation systems. Potholes are unsightly and they damage cars and cause accidents.

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Oct 6th, 2015
Blog: A NY State of Infrastructure is Not a Good Place to Be

Oct 5th, 2015
Blog: Emoji Explains – Why Our Roads, Highways and Bridges are Crumbling

Sep 22nd, 2015
Blog: Highway Trust Fund is Fine, Until It isn’t

Sep 15th, 2015
ATM and TCC Issue Open Letter to Congress Expressing Gratitude to DRIVE Act Supporters

Sep 15th, 2015
Transportation Tuesday Makes its Debut